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Hunan Delight

752 Union St

Chinese dine-in ($$)


     Discreetly resting on the corner of 6th avenue, finding this location proved to be a delight.  Being a big fan of vegetarian meats, I was excited to see that this restaurant had not just a vegetarian selection but a complete vegetarian menu.  The contents of the menu are delivered to you by fast friendly service and you have the choice of sitting cozily inside or at their street side seating.  There has never been a wait or problem when dining here.  Try some of these vegetarian delights found on the menu:

  • Soups(Veg wonton, spinach/seaweed and Bean curd,etc…)
  • Vegetarian Duck Appetizer
  • Housemade Vegetarian Meat Entrees

  • 9 August 2012